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Critic Reviews

Simpler and cruder than Who Framed Roger Rabbit in terms of story and technique, this is still a great deal of fun, confirming that Jordan is every bit as mythological a creature as Daffy Duck or Yosemite Sam.

-Jonathan RosenbaumFull Review

Cute, rambunctious, generally amusing rather than outright funny, this clever mix of live action, highlighted by the unequaled skills of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, and animated Looney Tunes antics will be a must-see for kids.

-Todd McCarthyFull Review

Sufferin' succotash!

-Rita KempleyFull Review

This film was made very quickly by animation standards, and the haste shows.

-Janet MaslinFull Review

It's the first time either Jordan or Bugs has had a starring role on the big screen. It's gimmicky Saturday-morning cartoon wackiness in your face -- funny, but brain-deadening.

-Peter StackFull Review

Space Jam is no Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but it works well enough.

-Kevin ThomasFull Review

This movie, which could just as easily be called The Michael Jordan Worship Show, plays like a 90-minute homage to His Airness, selling his every virtue.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

It's an inspired way to use, and kid, Jordan's image while at the same time updating Bugs Bunny & Company to doing battle in the multizillion-dollar animation sweepstakes.

-Roger EbertFull Review

In basketball terms, Space Jam is more akin to the 'garbage time' that concludes lopsided games, when reckless playing is no substitute for the real thing.

-Bruce Westbrook

The movie's undermining flaw is its lack of screen magic (and first-rate cartoon gags) that Who Framed Roger Rabbit had throughout.

-Mike Clark

The climactic game in Space Jam goes slack repeatedly.

-Milo MilesFull Review

Jordan has immense likability, and his extraordinary talents need no further adulation.

-Desson ThomsonFull Review

I'm certainly not a fan of Space Jam, but it's hard to deny its rich tapestry of questionable ideas.

-Brian OrndorfFull Review

A silly, forgettable comedy...

-David NusairFull Review

If you weren't a kid when you first saw Space Jam, you're a lot less likely to find it palatable. [Blu-ray]

-Peter CanaveseFull Review

Live-action/animation mix is good fun for kids.

-David GurneyFull Review

Attempts to inject some hipness into the classic cartoon characters, not to mention some potty-mouthed dialogue, will enrage purists, but otherwise this pretty much scores a slam dunk with its under-five target audience.

-Full Review

Visually, it's a mess: the attempts to blend 2- and 3-D animation with live-action and computer-generated images produce scenes that are fuzzier than the storyline.

-Full Review

What I miss most of all is the absence of the late, great Mel Blanc.

-Robin CliffordFull Review

Space Jam isn't exactly a slam dunk. It's more of a graceful tip-in by Michael Jordan, with a snazzy assist by Bugs Bunny.

-Judith EgertonFull Review

Succeeds in reintroducing the Looney Tunes name, but fails to capture the imagination and sharpness that defined them originally.

-Ryan CracknellFull Review

Space Jam is harmless kiddie fare, but it may not be every adult's idea of a good time.

-John J. PuccioFull Review

It's a good effort, but not up to the level of the best Disney cartoon feature.

-Robert RotenFull Review

An empty, soulless corporate product, designed for one purpose: to separate us from our wallets.

-Rob Vaux

Technical spectacle amounts do nothing without a good story.

-Margaret A. McGurkFull Review

A splendid mish-mash of comedy and live-action.

-Clint Morris

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