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Critic Reviews

... unnecessary ...

-Steven Rea

... The Ant Bully is just a great ride, but all that moralizing diminishes the fun of feeling ant-sized yourself and being immersed in Lucas's incredible adventures.

-Peter DebrugeFull Review

If the Ant Bully story is generic, it is never plodding. It zips along quite nicely, aided by the especially well-constructed action sequences.

-Terry LawsonFull Review

[It's] a rousing adventure capped with just the right measure of sweetness... John A. Davis shows heaps of invention.

-Andrea Gronvall

[T]he movie certainly means well, and its worthwhile message (teamwork is good, selfishness is bad) should penetrate the brains of kids old enough to stay in their seats and pay attention to it.

-Christy Lemire

The brilliance of The Ant Bully is in the crafty way it delves into the minds of ants as they plot to save themselves from extermination... Davis creates a marvelously labyrinthine society for them, right below the surface of a bland suburb.

-Ruthe SteinFull Review

The Ant Bully isn't a kid classic, but it's an enjoyable diversion until the next ant movie comes along.

-Moira MacDonaldFull Review

Bright visuals, snappy dialogue and a smart plot make The Ant Bully a welcome summer treat.

-Peter HowellFull Review

Though the story is predictable, the message is benign, and the visuals, particularly in IMAX 3-D, are stylized and surreal.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

While the picture has the star power of Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts voicing insects in love, they're not nearly as interesting a couple as Woody Allen and Sharon Stone in Antz.

-Lisa RoseFull Review

This generic exercise in computer-generated animation may provide passable entertainment for very young children, but adults will be less than enchanted by its preachiness, talkiness and Communist Party-line political views.

-Lou Lumenick

The Ant Bully does not talk down to kids or feign to talk up to their parents with pop references, though adults may be amused (or maybe not) by the Christian parallel in the ants' religion.

-Jack MathewsFull Review

The Ant Bully, which was three years in the making, seems fussed over and, occasionally, a little dull.

-Stephen ColeFull Review

There's a sweet simplicity and humility to this film. Amid all the animation hype, it's just a very good movie. It's no big deal; and thus, it is.

-Tom LongFull Review

It's strong enough to keep younger children from getting (you'll pardon the expression) antsy -- and that alone should keep parents happy.

-Robert Denerstein

In a year when already we've been treated to a wonderful collection of animated films The Ant Bully is a delightful addition. It teaches us a lesson about acceptance without it cramming it down our throats.

-Bill ZweckerFull Review

The movie has a great time playing with ideas of scope and perspective, shifting between microscopic and macroscopic.

-Wesley MorrisFull Review

The Ant Bully won't ruin anybody's childhood. Neither is it likely to make anybody's day.

-Michael PhillipsFull Review

Luc's transformation from ant destructor to ant protector illustrates a lesson told many times before, but rarely with such down-to-earth charm.

-Stephen WilliamsFull Review

The film's heavyhanded lessons turn it from a fun romp through a cartoonish insect world to a predictable and preachy snoozefest.

-Jeffrey E. McCants

The Ant Bully, in trying to match Antz or A Bug's Life, just digs itself into a big hole.

-Bill MullerFull Review

The Ant Bully, the latest computer-animated plea for interspecies understanding, provides a few moments of inventiveness and wit.

-A.O. Scott

The Ant Bully is fun to look at, and Lucas' recognition of the strength in numbers leads to solid character growth.

-Chris VognarFull Review

The Ant Bully is the first of the summer's many animated features that doesn't somehow feel familiar.

-Eleanor Ringel GillespieFull Review

The movie is an epic adventure with a rigorously moral point of view.

-Stephen HunterFull Review

An effortlessly clever animated confection directed by Jimmy Neutron creator John A. Davis.

-Lisa SchwarzbaumFull Review

The Ant Bully is never less than colorful and high-energy. But it's hard to shake the feeling that we've all gone up this hill before.

-Christy LemireFull Review

The Ant Bully is a sore disappointment to anyone hoping for a turnaround to the recent downward quality spiral of animated films. In fact, this movie may represent a new nadir for 3D animation.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

The Ant Bully's just a little movie about a little guy who turns into a little bug for a little while, and learns some big things in the process -- and sometimes, a little can go a very long way.

-Robert WilonskyFull Review

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