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Critic Reviews

Slap Shot may have done a lot of fast skating and some solid body checking, but in the last period it makes a final costly slip -- and misses its goal.

-Richard SchickelFull Review

Slap Shot has a kind of vitality to it that overwhelms most of the questions relating to consistency of character and point of view.

-Vincent CanbyFull Review

Half the time Hill invites the audience to get off on the mayhem, the other half of the time he decries it.

-Full Review

An unsually abrasive sporting drama from director Hill.

-Full Review

Raw, raunchy, and absolutely hilarious.

-Scott Weinberg

There are still some nice touches of absurdist satirical wit hanging out along the sidelines, given extra bite by Dede Allen's superbly pacy editing.

-Geoff AndrewFull Review

This film is full of friendly slap shots, romantic icing, and passionate goals. It's well worth checking out.

-Patrick ByrneFull Review

The quintessential hockey flick

-Jon Niccum

Pushed the puck for nudity and language of its time.

-Steve Crum

Best sports movie ever. Period.

-Sarah Chauncey

Fingindo criticar a glorificacao da violencia e sua utilizacao como espetaculo, o filme comete os mesmos erros que supostamente condena.

-Pablo Villaca

One of the funniest sports movies ever.

-Gary Brown

Outrageously fun hockey comedy. I wish the Hanson brothers from this film would come around to body check those other Hanson brothers and their MMM-BOP crapola

-Brian Mckay

It's amazing how great Paul Newman is. Let's admit it : the script for "Slapshot" wouldn't have read any better than your by-the-numbers sports underdog movie. guts and glory farce "Slapshot" plays like a true classic.

-Clint Morris

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