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Critic Reviews

This is an inept and unsubtle romantic fantasy about how black people and white people don't mix.

-Wesley MorrisFull Review

It sometimes seems at odds with itself, vacillating between a realistic presentation of the obstacles black professional women face finding a suitable mate and another bit of Hollywood fluff where their skin color is glossed over.

-Ruthe SteinFull Review

The race card is still in play no matter what the social strata, but the message gets lost in the medium of excessive cuteness and too many contrived disagreements in dialogue.

-Ted FryFull Review

Something New isn't Something Hilarious. But it is sweet enough and provocative enough to make it Hollywood's best date movie this Valentine's Day.

-Roger MooreFull Review

How many other movies dare to suggest that some white guys have soul, and some black guys are plain vanilla?

-Kyle Smith

Hamri delivers a thoughtful, entertaining, imperfect but solidly adult movie about the inconvenient path of true love.

-Jami BernardFull Review

What sets it slightly apart is a willingness to deal with a potentially tricky subject -- race -- in the context of light-hearted fluff.

-Connie OgleFull Review

The film's lack of depth as it oversimplifies the complexities of racism keep it from being anything other than a lightweight date movie.

-Kevin CrustFull Review

Something New is actually something totally unexpected: a blissfully swoony romance spiked with frank talk about race and class that nudges the plot forward but never feels forced.

-Amy BiancolliFull Review

Something New is a message movie and it doesn't hide that fact. But it also goes beyond the message, and that's why it works.

-Tom LongFull Review

Even when skewering the pompousness of upper-class black mobility, it's still adorable.

-John MonaghanFull Review

If February is prime time for celebrating romance and black culture, then Something New delivers a powerfully seductive two-for-the-show.

-Jean Nash JohnsonFull Review

Something New is an observant, clever riff on the familiar problems of romance and the career gal.

-Lisa KennedyFull Review

Charming and surprisingly sharp.

-Stephanie ZacharekFull Review

The screenplay is smart, witty and understated, and director Sanaa Hamri shows a firm hand with her actors and injects the movie with a fresh energy that lives up to the title.

-Randy CordovaFull Review

Sanaa Lathan's classiness flows from the poise she projects...Her cool understatement helps put over Something New's premise -- which, if not old, is no longer in its 20s.

-Mike ClarkFull Review

The fun -- and the seriousness -- of the movie is in watching a beautiful, classy woman challenge an equally delectable opponent. It's one heck of a matchup.

-Desson ThomsonFull Review

Happily for those of us who enjoy the genre but wouldn't mind more substance on the empty-calorie march toward bliss, Something New, the beguiling feature film debut from Sanaa Hamri, carries a little bit more weight than the average rom-com.

-Jessica ReavesFull Review

In this pleasantly diverting romance about a black woman and a white man forced to transcend prejudice, the chemistry between the leads is as unmistakable as the setup is contrived.

-Manohla Dargis

Not since Hitch have I checked judgment at the concession counter and happily succumbed to a movie's charms.

-Carrie Rickey

Something New delivers all the usual pleasures of a love story, and something more. The movie respects its subject and characters, and is more complex about race than we could possibly expect.

-Roger EbertFull Review

This is a romantic comedy with a lot on its mind.

-Gene SeymourFull Review

The film is not riotous, but it is sporadically amusing, and the love affair is respectful of the characters, not fatuous.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

In a racially skittish nation where the most recent studio movie about interracial relations was the abysmal Guess Who, this film has the kind of guts we rarely see in mainstream movies. And it's romantic, too.

-Eleanor Ringel GillespieFull Review

[The film] is a shaky piece of work, with stumpy cinematography, choppy edits, speechy dialogue, and loose plotlines. And yet: There's an easygoing authenticity to the depiction of Kenya and her world.

-Lisa SchwarzbaumFull Review

Sanaa Hamri's brisk, refreshingly understated romantic comedy Something New is the rare movie that delivers on its title's promise.

-Mark HolcombFull Review

... should please its targeted female demo in the market for a heart-shaped February confection with something more substantial than a mushy center

-Michael Rechtshaffen

Look too closely and there will be questions about abandoned plot threads and excised scenes.

-Brian LowryFull Review

Mixing mirth with more sophisticated moments, this delightful romantic romp ultimately triumphs primarily because of the easy-going screen chemistry generated by Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker.

-Kam Williams

A beguilingly heartfelt, low-key farce.

-David NohFull Review

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