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Critic Reviews

Slanted as a black comedy, but fails to secure the sufficiently outre tone (let alone any real suspense) needed to make it more than a middling retread.

-Dennis HarveyFull Review

"You've got a sense of humor, I like that," Lester Long proclaims at one point. Well, we all like that, but would it be asking too much to have a little coherence to go along with it?

-Kenneth TuranFull Review

Within Clay Pigeons is a smaller story that might have involved us more, but it's buried by overkill.

-Roger EbertFull Review

It's got unpredictable plot twists and unexpected laughs coming out of dark corners.

-Bob GrahamFull Review

This is one of those motion pictures where the director (David Dobkin, in his feature debut) and the writer (Matt Healy) are so concerned about developing a clever, serpentine plot that they forget that there has to be a credible ending.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

A film that delights by confounding expectations.

-Stephen HoldenFull Review

Clay Pigeons may not actually be a good movie, but it has many of the ingredients of one.

-Andrew O'HehirFull Review

This quirky comedy thriller, produced by Ridley Scott, is both blackly funny and, at times, tensely disturbing and quite macabre.

-Derek AdamsFull Review

Vince Vaughn may play the two best movie serial killers this year if his Norman Bates rendition can match his performance in Clay Pigeons.

-Ron WellsFull Review

An okay little High Plains Noir, but it unravels at the end.

-Rob Thomas

The boyishly braying laugh Vaughn punctuates his conversations with is a true actor's finesse on his character.

-Laura CliffordFull Review

Twisted and quietly addicting crime flick.

-Scott Weinberg

Great performance by Vaughn

-Jon Niccum

It's hard to put a finger on what exactly this film is, and, for a while, it seems as if the filmmakers aren't sure what they're after, either.

-Michael DequinaFull Review

Brilliant direction.

-Nell Minow

This is not your classic whodunit. It's blacker, funnier, and edgier.

-Jeanne Aufmuth

Mr. Vaughn is possessed not only of long limbs and an attractive face, but also of a distinctive voice that he uses to command attention, even when his material is routine.

-Margaret A. McGurkFull Review

Actually brings a clean, new and very funny edge to the weathered genre of crime and sleaze.

-Jon Alon WalzFull Review

It's a beautifully structured piece with a high quotient of neat, shocking twists. Director David Dobkin exercises welcome restraint; although the movie is full of macabre touches, it's witty rather than grotesque.

-Stephen FarberFull Review

The performances are simply wonderful.

-Emily BluntFull Review

Vince Vaughn pulls off another dynamic performance as Lester the self-proclaimed "molester," and spices his character up with one of the honkiest laughs this side of Fran Drescher.

-JoBloFull Review

Clay Pigeons is the sort of wacky dark comedy that tries to be irreverent right off the bat. But, unfortunately, it's about halfway through before it settles into a good comedic groove.

-Madeleine WilliamsFull Review

Lifted from being just average by strong acting and an amusing script, this is a good bet if you're looking for something offbeat.

-Diane SelkirkFull Review

In a perfect world, Janeane Garofalo would be in every movie. That way, when the rest of the show bogged down, we'd still have her morbid wit and wry spin to hold onto.

-Marc SavlovFull Review

If serial killers and dead bodies are your idea of laughs, you might get a kick out of Clay Pigeons. Otherwise, you'd be better off skipping this awful black comedy.

-Jeff ViceFull Review

A blithe homicidal romp set in backwoods Montana that hits the bullseye on charm, cleverness, sharp performances, and glib humor but misses the substance target altogether.

-Peter KeoughFull Review

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