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Critic Reviews

One Day is just a gimmicky "new" way of doing an old-fashioned love story. But we'll hear much more of Sturgess, Hathaway, and Lone Scherfig.

-David ThomsonFull Review

It's what a Nicholas Sparks movie would be if it were aimed at grown women rather than teenage girls.

-Eric D. SniderFull Review

The result is a rom-com with ambition, keen to actually develop the characters and to mix a few tears with the laughs. Well, the effort is admirable, the movie not so much.

-Rick GroenFull Review

Miscasting aside, there's simply very little excitement to the film since you can see where it's going -- chances are even just by reading this review -- right from the start.

-Tom LongFull Review

Director Lone Scherfig, working from Nicholls's screenplay, takes a big step back here from An Education, her last film

-Peter RainerFull Review

Few films "get" the strange, intertwining bonds of affection quite so effortlessly, although the episodic structure keeps the drama from flowing nicely.

-Stephen WhittyFull Review

Nicholls has proven a faithful shepherd to his fictional creations, who banter and rant at each other with the practiced elan of the aging couple they're clearly meant to be.

-Ann HornadayFull Review

As 1992 rolls around, a sense of dread sets in: Are they really going to do every single year?

-Joe NeumaierFull Review

Long before the credits roll, you may find yourself wishing your life could flash before your eyes, to end the monotony of this relentless turning of calendar pages.

-Peter HowellFull Review

Amid sharp banter, the film poignantly captures how lives meander and take unexpected turns.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

There are no sparks whatsoever, and that's always a deal-breaker for me in romantic films.

-Lou LumenickFull Review

As so often happens with love, what you hope for is not even close to what you get, and in this case we are left with a heartbreaking disappointment of a film.

-Betsy SharkeyFull Review

"One Day" is a beautiful movie, but beautiful in a way that life often is, not movies.

-Mick LaSalleFull Review

For much of its running time it somehow fails to capture what makes the book work so well.

-Moira MacDonaldFull Review

No popular storyteller ever went broke stoking the undying female fantasy that if a good woman puts her mind to it, a heel can always be brought to heel.

-Ella TaylorFull Review

Watchable but not very gripping.

-J. R. JonesFull Review

The movie's content and style generate all the synergy of fingernails and blackboard.

-Joe MorgensternFull Review

The performances are overeager. Particularly distracting is Hathaway's accent, which is less Yorkshire than New York.

-Carrie RickeyFull Review

You could definitely call it awful, and I'm about to do so, repeatedly and effusively.

-Andrew O'HehirFull Review

This tear-jerking twaddle, adapted by David Nicholls from his 2009 bestseller, is nearly as bad as Anne Hathaway's British accent, which is heading for infamy.

-Peter TraversFull Review

"One Day" won't set the world on fire but it radiates pleasing warmth.

-Colin CovertFull Review

A miscast, underwritten, drably directed adaptation of a very popular novel, it's the feel-bad film of the summer and an almost perfect example of how not to turn a book into a movie.

-Ty BurrFull Review

The characters that Nicholls brought so cunningly to life in the book feel rushed through a timeline, tied to an agenda.

-Mary F. PolsFull Review

One Day turns out to be less about enjoying a traditional happy ending than an admonishment to stop wasting time, get on with the business of living and enjoy every single moment with the ones you love.

-Connie OgleFull Review

When a movie inflates the importance of a love story that is predominantly comic in tone, even with a fair share of grief and loss built into the plot, that love story takes on more than it can handle.

-Michael PhillipsFull Review

"One Day" turns an episodic story into an anthology of feelings and associations, many familiar, a few surprising, some embarrassing and one or two worth holding onto.

-A.O. ScottFull Review

In a season of movies dumb and dumber, "One Day" has style, freshness, and witty bantering dialogue.

-Roger EbertFull Review

We simply zoom in and zoom out of the characters' lives rather than develop any kind of emotional attachment to them.

-Randy CordovaFull Review

Hathaway and Sturgess lack the chemistry to make us yearn to see them together. They're all wrong for each other physically, tonally, logically, which only makes "One Day" feel a whole lot longer.

-Christy LemireFull Review

It's a frustrating film, never light enough on its feet to be cute, never heartfelt enough to achieve "You had me at 'Hello.'"

-Roger MooreFull Review

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