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Critic Reviews

A terrific big-screen/3D film about the rescue of baby elephants and orangutans by dedicated humans introduces young people to a strong conservation ethic.

-Kirk HoneycuttFull Review

A decent weekend diversion, this IMAX documentary is cute enough to engage your kids, while teaching them the most basic lessons in ecological responsibility.

-Elizabeth WeitzmanFull Review

Their stories are touching and inspiring, but let's face it, the visuals are what make this movie. Born to be Wild takes you to places you've never been and makes you wish you had.

-Tom LongFull Review

The hip soundtrack adds momentum, and the reassuring narration of Morgan Freeman lets us know these lucky orphans will have a fighting chance for survival after taking their first steps -- or swings -- back into the wild.

-Jennie PunterFull Review

Given the sheer scale of the format, Imax provides an ideal context in which to experience 3D, allowing the eyes to wander about each periphery-filling frame and focus on whatever catches our interest, the way we do in the real world.

-Peter DebrugeFull Review

While there's an important story here - how these two women take in endangered animals with the intention of later releasing them back into the wild - the main attraction is the general adorableness.

-Stephanie MerryFull Review

It's sort of poetic justice that the wretched "Sucker Punch" is getting kicked off four Manhattan IMAX screens after just two weeks by this charming nature documentary.

-Lou LumenickFull Review

A moving, engaging and revelatory IMAX attraction with two heroines and a crowd of charming beasts.

-John AndersonFull Review

Although it runs just a fleet 40 minutes, the film proves a rich and memorable journey.

-Gary GoldsteinFull Review

Wholesome and educational, teaches right from wrong, and brings up some important environmental issues.

-Peter HartlaubFull Review

Some animal parts, it turns out, are perfectly suited to 3-D, none more so than an elephant's trunk.

-Neil GenzlingerFull Review

An honest marketer might have just gone ahead and titled the film "Awwwww.''

-Janice PageFull Review

Born to be Wild is both grand spectacle and intimate tale.

-Linda BarnardFull Review

Everything a family movie should be: touching, funny and inspiring.

-Nell MinowFull Review

Touching in a zoolike, rather than spectacular, way.

-Owen GleibermanFull Review

Cute, but never insufferably so, "Born to Be Wild 3D" is best taken as the perfect film to transition your kids from animation to live action fare - short, sweet, and educational.

-Roger MooreFull Review

Clocking in at only 40 minutes, the film has no time to thoroughly explore the issues at the heart of its bifurcated tale.

-Nick SchagerFull Review

One way or another you'll find yourself saying, "Awwwwww."

-Nell MinowFull Review

Incredibly moving. Even if you don't have a three-story screen in your home, the film still works marvelously.

-Mike McGranaghanFull Review

Does a remarkable job of putting the viewer right with elephants in the Kenyan savannah and orangutans in the lush jungles of Borneo.

-Michael DequinaFull Review

It's entertaining, poignant, educational (at least for kids), inspirational, and certainly beautiful to look at.

-John J. PuccioFull Review

Few will be unmoved by the two women's courage and persistence, though Morgan Freeman's intoning voiceover is less persuasive.

-Derek MalcolmFull Review

A nice family outing, this, but those after an in-depth discussion had better look elsewhere.

-Peter BradshawFull Review

It's just 40 minutes long, but in that short time it produces more "awwww" moments than any feature-length film to hit theaters this year.

-Mike ScottFull Review

Neither soppy nor schmaltzy, Born to Be Wild is a fascinating glimpse into another dimension of our world

-Andrew L. UrbanFull Review

There are plenty of ooh and ah moments in this splendid documentary for all ages in which we are privileged to enter a special world where orphaned baby elephants and orang-utans are nurtured

-Louise KellerFull Review

In Born to be Wild, the milk of human kindness nourishes the animals. And the audience.

-Tony MacklinFull Review

Invites you on a thrilling IMAX 3D cinematic safari to wildlife 'orphanages' in Kenya and Borneo, where baby elephants and orangutans are nurtured and trained to return to the wild.

-Jennifer MerinFull Review

Trades on an indisputable fact: Ecologically friendly movies about cute animals are just about impossible to resist.

-Robert LevinFull Review

'Born to Be Wild' is one of the finest films of the year. Anyone who ever has loved an animal in a wild environment (or, for that matter, shared a home with one) must see this extraordinary movie about animal rescue.

-Linda CookFull Review

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