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Critic Reviews

Brad Bird passes his audition for a career as a live-action director. And Ghost Protocol more than makes its bones as an argument for why Tom Cruise should continue in this role as long as his knees, and his nerves, hold up.

-Roger MooreFull Review

"Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol" is sheer hurtling mechanism-and it's great silly fun.

-David DenbyFull Review

As usual with the series, the movie combines a plot line a toddler could understand with gadgets that would baffle an engineering Ph.D.

-J. R. JonesFull Review

I'm thinking it, so I might as well say it: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is no Fast Five.

-Richard CorlissFull Review's pretty much state-of-the-art.

-Glenn KennyFull Review

[Bird's] fresh touch gives breathless energy, tremendous excitement and, above all, humor to what could have been a wearying genre exercise.

-Colin CovertFull Review

Powered by Cruise's moxie, Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol proves that in a Hollywood action-ride culture drenched in fake adrenaline, it's cathartic to encounter the real thing.

-Owen GleibermanFull Review

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is top-notch popcorn entertainment, chock-full of dazzling stunts and heroic moments, played out at a near-hysterical pitch.

-Tom LongFull Review

Ghost Protocol is a very good thrill ride and Cruise is better than he's been in a long time.

-Peter RainerFull Review

The real mission is to renew a stale franchise, and here Ghost Protocol largely succeeds, on the strength of good action scenes - including an IMAX-enhanced Dubai skyscraper dangle by Cruise - and the good humour of a well-chosen cast.

-Peter HowellFull Review

Just as newly gritty heroes seem to have run their course (fingers crossed), Cruise and Bird are doing their damnedest to maintain the escapist thrills that we as audiences will always choose to accept.

-William GossFull Review

This is Cruise's show and the actor brings the role a startling athletic grace and becoming maturity. If someone asks you what a true movie star is, point to Cruise.

-Peter TraversFull Review

Ghost Protocol is big and brassy, doing many of the things its predecessors did but, in the words of Nigel Tufnel, turning them up to "11."

-James BerardinelliFull Review

[A] big, shiny, ever-moving toy of a movie.

-Liam LaceyFull Review

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), whose first stab at a live-action feature preserves the buzzy exhilaration and carefree absurdity of a cartoon.

-Amy BiancolliFull Review

A largely successful attempt to reboot the moribund franchise that turns out to be probably the most entertaining installment since Brian De Palma's series opener from 15 years ago.

-Lou LumenickFull Review

Possesses the requisite number of expertly choreographed how'd-they-do-that scenes, as well as some terrific supporting performances from "Mission: Impossible" veterans and newcomers.

-Ann HornadayFull Review

Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol is easily the best of the lot.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

The literal and figurative high point of Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol comes at about the halfway point, in and around the tallest building in the world in Dubai.

-Chris VognarFull Review

The most exciting action flick of the year, by a huge margin.

-Andrew O'HehirFull Review

This film exists purely to dazzle and thrill, and by that measure, it delivers expertly, never lagging despite a lengthy 133-minute running time.

-Ian BuckwalterFull Review

Gets back to action basics with globe-trotting, nifty gadgets, high-flying stunts and less loquacious villainy.

-Manohla DargisFull Review

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