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Critic Reviews

An exemplary modern romantic comedy, personal and symbolic, goofy and substantial, tightly imagined yet loosely strung, wise in bewilderment.

-Richard BrodyFull Review

Like Apatow's "Funny People," the film is an intentional hybrid: half gag comedy, half open-ended exploration of everything that can go wrong -- and occasionally right -- between two people whom nature, if not society, means to be together.

-David DenbyFull Review

A charming, funny, reactionary mating comedy from the Judd Apatow factory...

-David EdelsteinFull Review

A fun, entertaining picture, and another credit to Segel's rising career as a writer and star.

-Stephen WhittyFull Review

[It] feels poignant and real in a way few raunch comedies are.

-Andrew LapinFull Review

Blunt has never been more relaxed, and she and Segel have a believably warm chemistry.

-Elizabeth WeitzmanFull Review

Some of the comedic material provokes laughter and some doesn't, but nearly all of it feels wrong. It's as if the jokes have been shoehorned into the movie because it was deemed too dramatic.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

Sometimes uneven and sometimes beyond gross, but more often it's funny, smart and different.

-Richard RoeperFull Review

What keeps the film from seeming shrill is that Tom and Violet, despite everything, genuinely love each other, and their careers dilemma is not played for easy laughs.

-Peter RainerFull Review

It makes you laugh and eagerly wish for a happy ending without any preachy soul-searching.

-Connie OgleFull Review

Feels more like the raw feed than the final edit, and seems to run as long as the time span promised in the title.

-Liam LaceyFull Review

"The Five-Year Engagement" becomes two things: an accurate reflection of a new generation of postponement-prone 30-somethings, and a rather uninteresting story.

-Rafer GuzmanFull Review

"The Five-Year Engagement" doesn't always work - some of the supporting characters' storylines feel clipped, and the improvised bits could afford to be tightened - but the trip to the altar pays off.

-Adam GrahamFull Review

This seems like another breakthrough for Blunt, who demonstrates an ample gift for physical comedy. She and Segel make an inspired team.

-Lou LumenickFull Review

I liked "The Five-Year Engagement," and then I didn't, and then I did - which seems just about right for a movie dedicated to examining how even the purest affections can be fatally derailed.

-Ann HornadayFull Review

The movie is a precision instrument with no parts jammed together, just everything smooth and functioning.

-Mick LaSalleFull Review

This story of a promising sous chef who sacrifices his career in San Francisco to follow his girlfriend to Ann Arbor delivers a steady stream of character laughs, along with a rigidly formulaic plot.

-J. R. JonesFull Review

It's too bad The Five-Year Engagement's overlong, conventional last third squanders the goodwill built up in that sharply observed middle section.

-Dana StevensFull Review

There are funny scenarios and sweet moments, but not nearly enough in this screenplay co-written by Segel and director Nicholas Stoller.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

A little restraint would have gone a long way to making this a far funnier, fleeter affair.

-Betsy SharkeyFull Review

"The Five-Year Engagement" dutifully hits the marks of its genre, but it is also about the unpredictability of life and the everyday challenges of love. The sensitivity and honesty with which it addresses those matters is a pleasant surprise.

-A.O. ScottFull Review

By the 90-minute mark, I was ready for a divorce, but based on the steady squeals of laughter around me at a preview screening, may have been in the minority.

-Mary F. PolsFull Review

Sometime around what I guessed to be the one-hour mark in "The Five-Year Engagement," I checked my watch and honestly thought the battery had given out.

-Joe MorgensternFull Review

Between that opening proposal and the film's title, you know exactly what's going to happen, and the result is a comedy-drama almost completely free of dramatic tension.

-Ty BurrFull Review

Engagement gets the most important thing right, which is the lead casting: Segel and Blunt are completely convincing as Tom and Violet, star-crossed lovers. They really do care for each other, but life seems to be conspiring against them.

-Peter HowellFull Review

The dream partnership of Jason Segel and Nick Stoller gets dinged a bit in the frustratingly uneven The Five-Year Engagement. Luckily, the movie never runs on sitcom empty.

-Peter TraversFull Review

It's a very good movie. If a tough editor trimmed it from 124 minutes to 90, it would be wonderful.

-Colin CovertFull Review

A decent-enough romantic comedy with some edge.

-Randy MyersFull Review

Between the jokes about drinking mead out of deer hoofs, about tiny tykes armed with crossbows, about meeting cute in a bunny suit and a Princess Di getup, there's serious stuff to consider.

-Steven ReaFull Review

Plays like a five-episode, R-rated story arc from "How I Met Your Mother." With more profanity and more explicit sex. And considerably less drinking. And no Neil Patrick Harris.

-Roger MooreFull Review

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