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Critic Reviews

The action is beautifully staged, delightful, and exciting.

-Bruce DionesFull Review

The filmmakers have said they are already dreaming up a sequel. They needn't hurry. Whatever treasures these pirates have are well buried.

-Stephen WhittyFull Review

To paraphrase a certain man with a certain luxuriant beard, it's only impossible to enjoy if you stop to think about it.

-William GossFull Review

Designed to please all generations of irreverent humour-lovers, The Pirates! Band of Misfits may not be heart-warming (it is about nasty, scurvy pirates!) but it's breezy rollicking fun.

-Jennie PunterFull Review

You may laugh more than the child who brought you to "The Pirates! Band of Misfits," a subtly screwball animated comedy with a distinctively British wit.

-Rafer GuzmanFull Review

The joyfully silly gags in "Pirates!" often feel old-fashioned in a "Looney Tunes"-esque way...

-Sara StewartFull Review

It makes for an experience that, while geared toward younger, more fidgety audiences, has enough humor to keep Mom and Dad from falling asleep.

-Michael O'SullivanFull Review

Sure-footed, witty and zany fun.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

That the film happens to be in 3-D, with digitized settings and backgrounds, doesn't detract from the timeworn charm of watching blob-like characters lurch erratically through harebrained comic pratfalls.

-Amy BiancolliFull Review

Another deliriously silly stop-motion animation delight from Aardman, filled with giddy pleasures and witty details.

-Nell MinowFull Review

The movie ... is a cheerful entertainment, suitable for kids and parents of the brighter stripe. It's just not Nick Park great.

-Richard CorlissFull Review

Pirates is just what audiences have come to expect from Aardman: smart, adventure-driven comedy with all-ages appeal and an affinity for clever sight gags.

-Ian BuckwalterFull Review

The movie looks meticulously crafted, of course, and is consistently, drily amusing.

-Tom RussoFull Review

A clever piece of business that is a complete pleasure to experience.

-Kenneth TuranFull Review

This splashy sendup is a dead man's chest of laughs.

-Colin CovertFull Review

The result is indeed a rollicking good time, even if Aardman's ambitions don't quite dazzle as usual.

-Elizabeth WeitzmanFull Review

A curiosity cabinet of visual pleasures but so breezy and lightly funny that you may not realize at first how good it is. (You're too busy grinning.)

-Manohla DargisFull Review

Purists can rest easy. This marriage doesn't scupper Aardman's classic clay-based animated heritage and the script is still filled with the kind of dry laughs only the Brits can conjure up, with many of the jokes of the visual variety.

-Linda BarnardFull Review

A few hours after seeing the 3-D version of "The Pirates!" I was smiling at the memory of the best bits, some so fleeting they practically dare an audience to catch them on the fly.

-Michael PhillipsFull Review

My 7-year-old guest tugged my sleeve midway through the screening and whispered, "This is a good movie." I'll second that.

-Moira MacDonaldFull Review

I wouldn't use it as a study guide for Victorian history, though it would be fun to see the reaction on the teacher's face when the test was graded.

-Bill GoodykoontzFull Review

Even when the whimsy in The Pirates! Band of Misfits's history-be-damned story (which also ropes in Charles Darwin) feels a bit forced, the magic of the medium never does.

-Adam MarkovitzFull Review

A script that consistently finds fresh outlets for its running gags makes for a sufficiently rollicking pleasure cruise from Britain's Aardman Animations...

-Nick PinkertonFull Review

"Pirates" plays like a fussy film made by fussy little fussbudgets, clever chaps all wrapped up with making perfect Plasticine trees, but who lose track of the forest - the funny movie that is supposed to be animated around all this detail.

-Roger MooreFull Review

The Pirates!, like previous Aardman productions, is not just for kids.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

After dipping its toes into pure CG animation for Arthur Christmas, Aardman integrates its feted old-school stop-motion technique with top-drawer visual effects to create the irrepressibly amusing The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

-Leslie FelperinFull Review

A delightful romp whose varied pleasures should please kids all along the age spectrum.

-John DeForeFull Review

This is one of the few times I watched something from Aardman and found myself watching the clock...

-Felix Vasquez Jr.Full Review

This is a good Aardman Animations feature, from a studio that's proved itself capable of being better than good.

-Kirk BairdFull Review

The Pirates! Band of Misfits is cinematic booty that shines like gold.

-Jason BuchananFull Review

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