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Critic Reviews

There's a sugar coating to the way Papale's story unfolds, but not so much that you'll spoil your dinner.

-Michael PhillipsFull Review

Even Papale's most famous play, recovering a fumble to set up a touchdown, is embellished, as if Disney can't bear to stick with the facts.

-Bill MullerFull Review

When it's good it's very good. When it's bad -- well, it's still pretty good.

-Joanne KaufmanFull Review

Invincible is a working-class jock Cinderella fantasy with the sincerity of a beer commercial, the soul of a Republican incumbent, and the designer-flannel esthetics of an old Bruce Springsteen video.

-Geoff PevereFull Review

It may not break new ground, but Invincible is an entertaining film, awash in cliches but leavened by the charismatic performance of Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

What's modestly refreshing about the way this story is told by director Eric Core and writer Brad Gann, is that the person with the largest doubts about going pro is Papele himself.

-Richard SchickelFull Review

It's a hard-earned humanity that gives Invincible its vigor.

-Ted FryFull Review

The movie is shamelessly manipulative.

-Ruthe SteinFull Review

It has been done so many times, and so often by Disney, that the real surprise in a movie like this is when it does manage to surprise.

-Roger MooreFull Review

A generic series of pep talks and rock-pumped montages. The only thing missing is a Rocky shot of the character racing up steps.

-Lisa RoseFull Review

Wahlberg and his co-stars, including love interest Elizabeth Banks, really seem to believe in the story, with a grave intensity that enhances its underdog appeal.

-Elizabeth WeitzmanFull Review

Invincible is one gigantic pile of cornball cliches, but there's no denying the movie works you over anyway.

-Rene RodriguezFull Review

As much as I wanted to root for Invincible, its protagonist comes across as neither ebullient nor vivacious.

-Amy BiancolliFull Review

Invincible is as much a period piece as it is a sports movie, complete with a non-stop soundtrack of familiar hits that, unfortunately, makes one think of That '70s Show a little too often

-Jennie PunterFull Review

They're [Disney] not looking to make a complex, textured analysis of competition and ambition here, they just want a football movie that ends with the audience cheering for the hero.

-Tom LongFull Review

For a movie about following your dreams, this one is sorely lacking imagination.

-Terry LawsonFull Review

If it doesn't score a lot of extra points for originality, it at least makes it across the goal line without too many fumbles.

-Robert Denerstein

The most remarkable accomplishment of Invincible is to make a mid-'70s musical soundtrack sound spectacular.

-Michael BoothFull Review

The genre shows serious signs of wear in this needlessly fictionalized feature about Vince Papale, a 30-year-old bartender who improbably won a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976.

-J. R. JonesFull Review

Wahlberg and the rest of the solid cast sell this ESPN equivalent of a Lifetime movie.

-Wesley MorrisFull Review

There's a danger in reducing pictures like this to the sum of their lessons, at the expense of recognizing them as satisfying, if flawed, genre exercises.

-Stephanie ZacharekFull Review

Disney's latest sports-underdog movie is the true story of a part-time bartender (Mark Wahlberg) who realizes his dream of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

-Jeannette Catsoulis

With Invincible -- hero-worship and unimaginative storytelling have caused the project to strike a sour note.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

Unlike most 'feel-good' films in this genre, Invincible isn't blatantly manipulative, and works so well because it is, in fact, understated.

-Stephen WilliamsFull Review

There's too much slow-mo and too many music cues, but there's a low-key buzz to Wahlberg's scenes with Greg Kinnear, who plays newcomer coach Dick Vermeil.

-Ann HornadayFull Review

Invincible is an uplift-the-neighborhood, stand-up-and-cheer, go-Eagles inspirational story about the little energizer that could.

-Carrie Rickey

Ultimately, the movie fulfills its mission, which is to fire up viewers with its can-do attitude.

-Jeff Strickler

If you want to see a really good inspirational movie about football, try Remember the Titans. But if you want to see a movie about bad '70s hair and tiresome sports-movie cliches, Invincible is all yours.

-Eleanor Ringel GillespieFull Review

It's a great story. And it has the added benefit of being (mostly) true.

-Christy LemireFull Review

Every so often, Mark Wahlberg gets hold of a role that lets him reconnect with what made him a star.

-Owen GleibermanFull Review

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