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Critic Reviews

Without has all the freshness of moldering Playboys stashed under a mattress, but it evokes what few boys-will-be-boys larks can: chumminess.

-Scott BrownFull Review

How do you siphon the laffs from a surefire gut-busting premise like city slickers stuck in the sticks? ... you assemble a cut-rate Three Stooges, inject tired '80s nostalgia and some moralistic goo about carpe-ing the diem.

-Mark HolcombFull Review

Think Road Trip meets City Slickers. Then dial the humor down a few notches, and you're left Without a Paddle.

-Claudia PuigFull Review

Forget being up a raging creek without a paddle, these poor losers are lost in a wilderness that permits no comedy.

-Geoff PevereFull Review

Without a Paddle wants to fascinate us with our own repulsion, and the wraparound, absurdly sentimental story is there to fill space between obvious and appalling sight gags.

-Tom KeoghFull Review

The first half of the film is enjoyable but hit and miss. After that, it's just miss.

-Carla MeyerFull Review

A larky, throwaway movie.

-Joe BaltakeFull Review

This is the kind of comedy in which the aim is to make the audience cringe.

-Jay BoyarFull Review

Some tales center on man vs. nature, others on man vs. man. Without a Paddle falls within a third category: man vs. poorly conceived script.

-Lisa RoseFull Review

Never rises above the level of harmless video fare.

-Megan Lehmann

There are a few gross-out laughs, but Without a Paddle's gang-written script doesn't know what it wants to be.

-Elizabeth WeitzmanFull Review

A successfully infantile new spin on Deliverance.

-Amy BiancolliFull Review

Inoffensive to a fault, Without a Paddle goes by without a memorable ripple.

-Liam LaceyFull Review

Without a Paddle can proudly take its place in the pantheon of perfectly likable stupid movies.

-Tom Long

A consistently amusing, often hilarious outing with surprising heart.

-Lisa KennedyFull Review

Five screenwriters, three stars, maybe two good jokes.

-Ty BurrFull Review

What promises to be a comic take on the 1972 thriller Deliverance, is actually closer to Dude, Where's My Car? as it drifts aimlessly from one dopey situation to another.

-John MonaghanFull Review

You can say of Without a Paddle that at least it cares enough to steal from the very best. Unfortunately, that's about all it cares about.

-Stephen HunterFull Review

Without a Paddle never sinks. It just drifts along amiably until it reaches a predictable shore.

-Mark Wolf

The homosexual panic instilled by Deliverance fuels the running joke driving the uneasy laughs evoked by this loathsome comedy.

-Stephen HoldenFull Review

The cheesy, unconvincing moments centered on the characters' serious discussions of life and friendship really seem unnatural and ruin the flow of the physical comedy.

-Sara GebhardtFull Review

You can lose money and regain it, says a character in Without a Paddle, but not so lost time. Perhaps this is a subliminal message to moviegoers.


It's not that good, but it could be a whole lot worse.

-Bruce Newman

Despite some agreeably idiotic moments, Without a Paddle is also mostly without a rudder.

-Carina ChocanoFull Review

The movie does have funny moments, and there's a sweetness unusual in your standard stupid summer comedy.

-Matt WeitzFull Review

A guy film that chicks will dig, too.

-Kathy Cano MurilloFull Review

Without a Paddle is so bad that it will annoy and/or bore those who have minimal standards and a high tolerance for sewage.

-James BerardinelliFull Review

It programs its cheap laughs efficiently enough to make you think you're not really wasting your time.

-Gene SeymourFull Review

City Slickers remade for Three Stooges fans.

-Jeff StricklerFull Review

A testosterone comedy that might just as well be titled Without a Brain Cell.

-Sid SmithFull Review

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